Can Psoriasis Be Cured?
This question is asked on a regular basis by so many people who suffer from this skin condition. The truth is; there is no cure. There is no medicine that can cure it either. At this present time, Psoriasis is actually forever, unfortunately.

The best thing that any sufferer can hope for is that the affliction goes into remission for an extended period of time. Just be aware that even if this occurs, it will return again. The annoying facet of this skin condition is that it will continue to return and sometimes it may return more severely than before. Now, the ultimate question that needs to be asked is what can be done to make this persistent condition less troublesome? Hopefully, some of the suggestions in this article will help to answer and help to alleviate the chances of continual flare ups.

Though the following listing is not the entire gambit of dos and don’ts, these are the major issues that seem to cause or assist with skin issues.

  1. Prevention of Dry Skin – This may seem quite obvious since most people want to avoid flaky skin cells, but in the case of people with psoriasis, this is absolutely essential. The more that skin is moisturized, the more that a psoriasis issue can be alleviated.
  2. Avoid Fragrance Usage – In most fragrances alcohol is one of the main ingredients. As we all realize, alcohol is a wonderful drying agent. As a psoriasis sufferer, dry skin is one of the last things that one would want to create. So, without barring the usage of fragrance completely, using perfume, not cologne, eau de parfum, or eau de toilette, is far better since the alcohol content is considerably less, and only a small amount of the fragrance is needed for being immersed in scent.
  3. Eating a Healthy Diet – “You are what you eat.” We have all heard this phrase before, but it is more than important when psoriasis is involved. Greasy fried foods, dehydrating beverages like alcohol, coffee, etc., taken in excess is not advisable as dry skin can cause more frequent skin eruptions and irritations.
  4. Warm Baths and Cool Showers – One of the best ways to avoid the possibility of increasing the chances of aggravating a skin condition is to avoid extreme cold and extreme heat. This pertains to bathing, as well. Showering or bathing in hot water or cold water can have an adverse effect on the skin. Cold or hot temperatures cause the nerve endings in the skin to become stimulated as the blood rushes to the affected areas in order to maintain body temperature. As it has been shown, this type of activity may trigger an outbreak of painful psoriasis.
  5. Light Therapy – Another alternative treatment option is light therapy. This method of treatment involves exposing the affected areas of the skin to ultraviolet B rays. This kind of treatment can be conducted at home, but for safety purposes it is normally recommended that this be done in a doctor’s office. The success of this kind of phototherapy exposure requires that it be conducted on a regular basis for two to three weeks. Usually any amount of time less than this does not accomplish the necessary results.
  6. Stress Reduction – Unfortunately, reducing stress is more easily said than done. Invariably during the course of the day must people encounter some amount of daily stressful situations. Even though these circumstances may be almost unavoidable, how the stress is handled, may be the key. Again, as this has been stated in various ways for most psoriasis conditions, the stimulation of nerves both positive and negative, usually have adverse effects on the ailment.
  7. Excessive Alcohol and Non-Smoking – This should not come as a surprise to anyone that either of these practices, besides not being good for a person, smoking and alcohol abuse definitely stimulate the body and the nervous system. This stimulation can truly exacerbate the condition.
  8. Turmeric Powder and Pills – The herb, Turmeric, has been used for centuries in Asia as a treatment for inflammation for various skin afflictions including Psoriasis. The active ingredient, curcumin, appears to be the reason for the successes that have been realized by the medical community. In numerous studies usage of Turmeric in pill form has shown to achieve some positive responses with psoriasis. There can be some side effects from usage including dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea. Turmeric powder and ground turmeric are used in recipes to flavor many soups, stews and curries. As a treatment usage of powdered turmeric can be added to foods and even turned into a tea. In any event, though there have been some noted successes using turmeric, it can be hit or miss depending on the individual case of psoriasis.
  9. Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight – As is the case with hot water application, excessive exposure to the Ultraviolet A Rays from the sun can have some serious consequences, especially if the skin gets burned. This is also the same problem associated with tanning beds.
  10. Exposure to Extreme Cold – Subjecting the body to cold water is no different than being subjected to extremely cold temperatures. Though residing in cold weather locations make it difficult to avoid these lower temperatures, it is essential to cover any and all exposed skin. As previously stated, body temperature, both hot and cold, stimulates blood flow and nerve stimulus possibly resulting in skin flare ups and painful skin ailments.
Based on the information in this article, it can be deduced that though there is no known cure for psoriasis, there are a number of possible treatments available. There are also numerous situations to avoid in order to minimize the need for treatments.

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