Are Topical Steroid Creams Good for Psoriasis?
We all are aware of the dangers that are attributed to steroid usage with athletes and other body building programs, but for many years the conditions associated with psoriasis have been treated with steroidal medications by numerous dermatologists. Though these products are not quite the same that the medical field may prescribe, there are some questions about the effectiveness and the seriousness of continual usage.

Various medications containing steroids such as corticosteroid creams and pills have been used for decades to relieve symptoms from psoriasis. Additionally, prednisone, dexamethasone, and methylprednisolone have been the most prescribed types of medication by doctors for relief. The unfortunate part to this is that they just do not always work for the management of skin flare-ups.

Though studies have at this time been somewhat inconclusive regarding the effectiveness, there is no question about the side effects associated with steroid usage.  The side effects associated with steroid treatments or steroidal medications may result in various skin damaging issues such as; thinning skin causing a loss of elasticity, easy bruising since the skin texture has been altered, and continual usage may create a resistance to the treatment to a point where it is no longer effective. Oral steroids given in pill form have been shown to have little or no affect at all on almost every form of psoriasis. Injected steroid treatments are actually only used for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, not skin conditions.

Topical steroids found in creams that contain corticosteroids also have some undesirable and possibly dangerous side effects. Topical steroids absorbed directly into the skin can actually affect internal organs. If products of this nature are used around the eyes cataracts and possible glaucoma may result. Prolonged usage of products like hydrocortisone may eventually cause skin irritations and rashes.

Though studies are still being conducted concerning steroids and steroidal formulated products as to their actual effectiveness for the treatment of psoriasis, the bigger concern may be the short and the long range affect on the actual skin condition and the possibility of detrimental health issues.
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